“At the end of the day we all really  enjoy working as a team and expressing our different ideas in the kitchen.” – Kadidra, longtime crew member

Rebel Highlights of 2017 !

Crumbles first launch! Snack Gardens being packaged and shipped out. They were being donated to schools for kids who wanted to use them. Hype festival of 2017; promoting the youth organization Hype at the YMCA. We attended B.B Comegys fun day, while we were there we promoted our crumbles and have loads of fun with the […]


Summer 2017 at Rebel Ventures!

This summer at Rebel Ventures has been filled with exciting new adventures and great memories. As a team we worked together for six weeks this summer at the kitchen creating new Crumbles recipes, writing resumes, and cooking together! Here’s our summer summed up in pictures, enjoy! Here’s our summer crew at Penn’s campus. Here are […]


Learning about the food system by changing it.

Rebel Ventures has always been an educational project. Our business began in a classroom at Pepper Middle School, when a group of students was asked ‘How can you create a healthier school?’. They identified the lack of healthy snacks as a problem, and set out to solve it by making snacks of their own to distribute […]


Greenway Grill

The Greenway Grill is table and griddle in the cafeteria of Comegys Elementary School. In the after-school program kids often get cold meat and cheese sandwiches for snack. Most are thrown out. But when they’re toasted on both sides, so the cheese is melty, the meat is warm, and the bread is crisp, the kids love […]


Record a Rebel Crumble’s Theme Song

What is a theme song? A theme song can be a jingle, rap, or any musical piece that is connected to a company or brand. The jingle should be upbeat, easy to remember, and make people remember the brand/company. Below is a link to some iconic theme songs: Top 10 Advertising Jingles  Submissions and any […]


Design the Rebel Crumble’s Mascot

What is a mascot? For many people, the mascot is what they remember the most about a company or brand. It should be representative of the company/brand and can be anything ranging from an animal, to a fictional character or anything else really! Below is a link to some examples of notable mascots: All Time Best Corporate […]


Film a Rebel Crumble’s Commercial

What is a commercial? Commericals are those short videos you’ve all seen in between our favorite shows on t.v. Commercials are short videos (anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes long) that demonstrates what the Rebel Crumble is all about. Good commericals typically evoke feelings of joy, laughter, etc. that can captivate the viewer. Below is […]


Create the Rebel Crumble’s Slogan

What is a slogan?  A slogan is a catchphrase that captures the essence of a product or company. It should be memorable, show what the company/product is about and what makes the company/product better. Below is a link that shows what some great slogans look like: 22 Companies with Really Catchy Slogans and Brand Taglines […]


Rebel mentors at Cooking Crew Academy

Cooking Crew Academy (CCA), held at Comegys Community School in West Philadelphia, is an after school activity that empowers kids to become young chefs by cooking healthy dishes for themselves and their peers. The kids are given a great amount of autonomy and jump right in. They get to choose what dish they want to cook […]


Shannon’s Post

I’m Shannon, last week the kids at Comegy’s and I made a great salad, filled with delicious vegetables that give them the energy to clean up after themselves and they learned how to create another healthy meal they can take home to share with their family.                   […]