In March 2020, we created Healthy Deliciousness at Home (HDAH), an initiative to encourage our crew to continue cooking healthy and delicious meals during Covid-19. Through HDAH we have taken a healthy spin on recipes from the comfort of our own homes. We then share the process of making a healthy and delicious meal on our blog and Instagram. Our hope is to show you how easy it is to bring Healthy Deliciousness into your own home. 

We have recently expanded HDAH to include a fund that provides kitchen supplies for families and children who would like to make healthy options at home.  

We would love to feature your HDAH process on our blog or Instagram! To have your HDAH process featured please see our submission instructions below.  

Healthy Deliciousness at Home Fund

In July 2020, we launched the Healthy Deliciousness at Home Fund, a funding pool that provides kitchen supplies and equipment for children and families to make a wider range of healthy and delicious options at home. Through this fund, Rebel Ventures will provide items such as knives, cutting boards, cookbooks, measuring cups, and a blender or a food processor.  

Children (age 13 and older) and families who reside in Philadelphia are eligible to apply. We’ve granted over $1700 in supplies in 2022 alone already and we are looking for more applications. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis or until we have reached our max number of purchases. If you have any questions about the HDAH Fund, please contact us at  



We invite you to join us in HDAH!

You can participate in HDAH two ways: submit a blog post or a video recording of your cooking process.  


For a blog post submission please include the following:  

Photos of the process  

A photo of your completed dish 

List of ingredients  

Recipe steps 

A written piece about the experience (optional) 


 For a social media video submission please include the following:  

An introduction of yourself and what you are making 

A statement or visual list of ingredients (including seasonings) 

A demonstration of the steps needed to make the dish 

                           A taste testing of the final dish on camera         


To have your HDAH process featured on our blog or Instagram please send your post or video to  To have your HDAH featured on our Instagram Story, upload your video to your Instagram story and tag @rebel_ventures (your story must follow the guidelines listed above for video submissions).  

Crew Member Lauren Martinez make a Quiche!