Crew Member

He/She will learn how to produce healthy snacks (granola bars, roast seeds, frozen fruit) on Tuesdays at the Center for Culinary Enterprises (CCE) at 48th and Spruce (between Pine and Spruce). Then, on Wednesday, he/she will learn how to package the snacks. On Thursday, there will be a meeting at either the Netter Center (38th and Samson) or Penn’s Van Pelt Library (3420 Walnut St). Within the first hour, the whole crew has the staff meeting and afterwards, each member will need to do his/her tasks. Before the week starts, there will be a task with instructions assigned to him/her that will last for 2 weeks. For example, if he/she is assigned to “Marketing”, he/she will upload pictures and post on social media every work day within that 2 week period. Sometimes, he/she will be delivering to vendors, giving pitches to new vendors, attending events or farmers’ markets, and much more. Crew members will gain experiences such as running a business, making healthier food choices, using professional software, leading, giving back to the community, and much more.

Eligibility: The high school member must be available to work on Tuesday – Thursday, 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm (9 hours a week). He/she has to be in 9th or 10th grade to start and must have a resume. The crew member needs to be professional and have ambition. Finally, he/she needs to volunteer with us for a week before we decide whether or not to accept him/her.

Crew Leader

Each Rebel Crew will have two high school leaders, who share the same responsibilities as Rebel Crew members and also work an extra hour each week to craft agendas for Rebel staff meetings, oversee progress reports, and create action plans for individual crew members (as necessary). An action plan is needed if a Rebel Crew member receives below an average score (3) in any category on his/her progress report.

To become a Crew Leader, a crew member must have at least 4 series of progress reports completed, and average above a 4 in every category. The Crew Member is nominated by their peers on the crew, and at staff meetings will have the opportunity to briefly state his/her interest in becoming a Crew Leader. The Crew Leader is determined by a vote among the entire Rebel Crew (college/grad students included).

The Crew Leader position receives an addition $.50/hr in compensation, and works 10 hrs/wk.


Unless otherwise indicated, all positions below require availability Tues or Weds 3:30-6:30 pm AND Thurs 3:30-6:30 pm.

If interested, email a resume and cover letter to Students able to commit Fall and Spring semesters preferred.

*Note: a person can handle more than one position — however they need to understand all of their duties accordingly

Design Support

The design support handles all things design about RV. Specifically, they handle the design of and edits to promotional materials, including videos. They will work with the brand and marketing supports to ensure effectiveness of and consistent communication in these materials. They also work with crew members on uniform design, specifically t-shirts. Last, but certainly not least, they coordinate the construction of our point of purchase display boxes. The design manager is also subject to the introduction of new projects that require an aspect of design or engineering.

Requirements: Advanced skills in photoshop, video editing a necessity, other design program skills a plus. Must have a portfolio of previous projects – experience in crafting marketing materials a plus.

Brand Support

The brand support is the keeper of the RV brand. They will continue to refine and expand on the RV brand identity and values. They are responsible for supervising and/or reviewing all internal and external communications to ensure brand consistency. This includes marketing communications (e.g. Facebook posts, flyers, ads, press releases, signage, etc) as well as company values (i.e. ensure they are consistent with brand values). The brand support will work on developing overall strategy and work closely with the Marketing Supportto execute marketing tactics in line with this strategy. They will also work closely with the Social Media Support to tell the RV brand story in digestible pieces through social media (part of strategy). The brand support will serve as a role model for other leadership team members in espousing brand values. Building on this, they will work closely with senior management to make sure the brand values are being espoused at every possible juncture.

Requirements: Ideally a Wharton student concentrating in Marketing. Coursework in marketing (specifically social media marketing) and management strongly preferred. Should show strong leadership experience. Should demonstrate creative intelligence.

Social Media Support

The social media support is responsible for the creation and posting of content on relevant social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, RV Blog). They will also instruct crew members on how to craft a good post and work with them to develop content. They are responsible for handling all interactions that we receive through social media (e.g. messages, comments, etc). The social media support will also work closely with the Marketing and Brand supports to gain insights from previous posts and use it to refine social media strategy moving forward.

Requirements: Previous work in digital marketing. Academic focus in marketing, communications, consumer psychology. Creativity and wit are highly desirable traits. Ability to work flexibly as posting requires.

Operations Manager

The operations manager oversees the logistics throughout RV. They are responsible for keeping track of ingredient inventory and ordering new ingredients when levels drop below the warning threshold. They are also responsible for organizing the cage in the kitchen. They will coordinate deliveries to vendors and non-profit partners. The operations manager is charged with maintaining the RV Master sheet. This includes keeping accurate record of bar inventory (and refining the inventory system if needed), past and future sales, and invoices. They will work closely with the Sales Manager to oversee the execution that arises from sales activities.

Requirements: OPIM concentration in Wharton. Strong organizational and analytical thinking skills. Detail-oriented and efficiency focused.

Sales Manager

The sales manager is in charge of overseeing sales activity to all vendors/partners/distributors and coordinating the overall sales strategy for RV. They will work very closely with the Operations Manager to ensure execution of all sales orders. They will keep close record of all sales and ensure accuracy in invoice creation, instructing all other crew members on this. In addition, the sales manager is responsible for maintaining vendor relationships by doing check-ins with vendors and making sure we are doing our job as their partner. The sales manager will also oversee farmer’s market sales as a part of this role. Beyond the maintenance of existing relationships, the sales manager is also in charge of coordinating sales efforts to new vendors and partners.

Requirements: Charismatic, outgoing personality. Must be organized, efficient, and detail-oriented.

Administrative/Program Manager

The administrative coordinator is in charge of connecting short-term activities to long-term goals. They are responsible for the weekly programming of RV, i.e. scheduling and timing of activities. Building on this, the person in this position is responsible for ensuring that all activities are value adding and working toward long-term organization goals. They are charged with facilitating the creation of agendas for weekly meetings – ensuring that they are complete, yet concise and always relevant. They are also in charge of overseeing the drafting of the RV Annual Report.

Requirements: Extremely organized and diligent. Leadership skills a must. Must have previous work in a management role or coursework in management. High level of financial literacy.

Evaluation Coordinator

The enrichment coordinator is responsible for making sure that crew members are actively learning during activities and working to better themselves. They will work closely with the Program Coordinator to ensure that weekly activities have learning components that build useful skills for crew members. They are also in charge of working with crew members on their SMART goals and providing support with them as needed, as well as reviewing each crew member’s Progress Report and implementing action plans to foster a healthy work dynamic. They are tasked with the oversight and enforcement of the RV Expectations Policy and must keep record of violations on file, working with crew members who demonstrate inappropriate behavior to change it. They are also responsible for determining Rebel of the Week.

Requirements: This position requires a person with a great deal of patience. Preferably an academic focus on education, specifically working with youth. This person must be goal-oriented and kind-hearted. They must be highly organized. Previous experience working with high school students strongly preferred.

Outreach Coordinator

The outreach coordinator is responsible for strategizing and executing outreach within the community. They will reach out to and maintain relationships with community leaders and our partners in the community. They will work closely with the Sales Manager and the Brand Manager to develop strategy to leverage our partnerships in the community into demonstrable impact.

Requirements: Must be friendly and outgoing. Previous work in community outreach strongly preferred.