Rebel Ventures | A youth-driven healthy food business run by high school students
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We work to create healthy deliciousness with kids in schools and in communities.

We impact the supply of healthy food by developing food products that are sold to schools.

We impact the demand for healthy food through experiential learning and working directly with kids in schools creating good food.

What is healthy deliciousness?

We create food that’s good and nutritious at the same time. Food can be healthy, but not good. It can be kind of hard to find a food that is healthy and delicious at the same time. So we create it. Healthy deliciousness is also fun, engaging learning about nutritious foods.

Why we rebel?

The life of eating as kid is very unhealthy. Snacks that are affordable in corner stores are not nutritious, and commercials are everywhere. Many kids think school food is nasty, even though it’s available to all kids. We want to be the change in our community. We are young people that are creating products that are healthy, affordable, and tasty and get it to kids in schools.


1 Million Crumbles were distributed to kids in 300+ schools in Philadelphia in 2017.


Youth Powered Healthy Deliciousness