We work to create healthy deliciousness with kids in schools and in communities.

We impact the supply of healthy food by developing healthy food products that are then sold to schools.

We impact the demand for healthy food through experiential learning and working directly with kids in schools creating good food.

What is healthy deliciousness?

We create food that is both tasty and nutritious. There are many healthy food options, but most do not taste good. Finding food that is both healthy and delicious is incredibly difficult. Our goal is to create it. Healthy deliciousness is also fun because it engages students to learn more about nutritious foods.

A kid’s diet is very unhealthy. Affordable snacks available in corner stores are not nutritious, and commercials are everywhere advertising innutritious food. Many kids think their school’s food tastes gross, despite it’s affordability and availability to everyone. We want to be the change in our community. We are young people who create healthy, affordable, and tasty products and distribute them to students in Philadelphia and beyond.


1.6 Million Crumbles sold since 2017!


Youth Powered Healthy Deliciousness