Rebel Ventures | How We Rebel
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How We Rebel

Recognizing the injustice in our current food system. Why we rebel!

Product Design

We are entrepreneurs who create products for kids. We know what kids like, so we can create the hottest recipes for them. We start off with recipe creation. Then, we use a commercial kitchen to test the recipes we come up with out. Lastly, we go to schools to taste test with kids and collect data which helps us improve our recipes.

Youth Entrepreneurship

We are high school students running a business. As entrepreneurs we can work independently and collaboratively. We carry out tasks, such as Research and Development, Mentoring, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Presenting and Attending Meetings. Through these tasks we learn how to effectively run a business.

Media Creation

Through the creation of videos, social media, and education materials we are able to positively impact our community. We show that there is no age barrier to be a entrepreneur. We also encourage people to try new healthy foods and empower kids to become leaders and follow their dreams.

How to Create Crumbles