Rebel Students


Jeanel Charles

Highschool Culinarily Specialist

Joined in October 2021

Hi, my name is Jeanel! I am a Junior at Mastbaum HighSchool. I am quiet, laid-back, chill, and kinda stay to myself, but I’m very much fun to be around.


 Karema Jenkins

HighSchool Graphic Design Specialist

Joined in May 2022

Hi, my name is Karema Jenkins. I go to Paul Robeson High School I’m in 11th grade and what I do in rebel is that I’m a graphic designer. I come up with different designs for things like shirts, logos, etc.



Highschool Culinary Specialist

Joined in May 2022

My name is Ehiyah and I joined rebel because of my culinary interest. I go to Mastbaum High School and I am a sophomore hoping to further my culinary skills.



Highschool Entrepreneur

Joined in August 2022

My name is Mekhi.  I go to hardy Williams charter school I’m in 9th grade.  To further my education I want to go to Temple for college. I’m interested in almost everything such as cooking and barbering.  A fun fact about me is that my barbering career is going uphill right now I’m working on getting my permanent seat!



Highschool Social Media Specialist

Joined in August 2022

I’m an 11th grader from Overbook High school. I am interested in being a good cook and a fun fact about me is that I play games with my cousin.


Culinary Chef

Joined in November 2022

My name is Sukurat but I like to go by Sky!  I joined Rebel because of my interest in culinary. I’m a junior at West Philadelphia High school. Fun fact about me is that I was born and raised in Burkina Faso.

Raven Lewis

Highschool Cinematographer

Joined in April 2020

Hi! I’m Raven :). I major in Media Design and Television at the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts. Rebel Ventures has granted me the opportunity to make my own decisions, be a leader in my community, have my voice heard and get real job experience all at once. It is very refreshing to be able to go to work every day and see people who look like you, are the same age as you and who are also willing to make a change. I am so grateful to be a part of the Rebel Ventures Crew.

 Suhayb Rice

Culinary Chef

Joined in November 2022

My name is Suhayb Rice! I go to Boys Latin High School. I love music and technology and a fun fact about me is that I like to fix random pieces of tech in my house.

Rebel Mentors

Dayanna Shomo is a junior at Carver Engineering and Science High School. She  joined the Rebel Crew in October 2019 as a Communications Specialist.

Dayanna Shomo

Communications Specialist

Joined in October 2019

Everyone calls me Shomo, and I am a junior at Communtiy College of Philadephia. I joined the Rebel Crew in October 2019. I am the editor and writer behind the blogs and quarterly newsletters.  I like how Rebel is giving me the experience of working in Communications because I believe it will help with my major in Public Relations. I also want to minor in business. During my free time, I enter writing contests and I read. I also like to draw and paint in my free time.


Lauren Martinez

Rebel Market Planner

Joined in May 2019

I used to really be interested in photography and considered it my dream job, but after a couple of years I began to lose interest. I was already interested in cooking because it is very popular in my culture. As I started getting more into it at Rebel, I realized how much I enjoyed it. I watched tons of cooking videos and bought cookbooks to grow my knowledge and expand my skills. In the kitchen, cooking is where you’ll see me at my happiest.