Rebel Students


William Chaney

 Co-Executive Director

Joined in July 2017

Hey guys what’s up! I am Will and outside of the work I accomplish for Rebel, I’m an entrepreneur and culinary specialist. As of June I graduated from Freire Charter school and am currently taking a gap year to perceive what’s in store for me. Over the 4 years, I have been with Rebel, I have seen myself elevate in various ways and I’m exceptionally glad for it. It permitted me to arrive at new statures in my day-to-day existence that I didnt see myself being in. I prescribe this work to any high schooler that needs to see themself fill in any capacity, shape, and structure.


Iasiah Graham

Graphic Designer

Joined in December 2019

I am from West Philadelphia, and I am currently a junior at Roxborough High School. I have been into art since I was 7 years old, and I always loved building things my own way. I aspire to be an architect. At Rebel, I work with the graphic design team to create new graphics, including logos, posters and Rebel Crumbles graphics.


Steven Smith

Rebel Market Planner

Joined in December 2019

I’m from West Philadelphia, currently enrolled in South Philadelphia high. In school my favorite things to do are support my classmates in anything academic and athletic wise. I also enjoy being apart of the J.R.O.T.C while still balancing my studies!  My favorite thing to do on my free time is spending that time with people I care for the most, because I don’t see them that often, and also exploring Philadelphia and all over.


Akir Dumas

Rebel Mobile Technician

Joined in October 2019

I’m a junior at The Workshop School, and when I’m not working, I like playing basketball, gaming and board games. The strengths I bring to Rebel Ventures are ambition and motivation. My favorite thing  in school is the automotive work I do. I think Rebel can push me further in life by not just teaching professionalism but teaching me to be open-minded to try new foods. I am most excited to work with the Rebel family because they are so welcoming and caring. They make me feel that not everyone in the world is bad.

Dayanna Shomo is a junior at Carver Engineering and Science High School. She  joined the Rebel Crew in October 2019 as a Communications Specialist.

Dayanna Shomo

Communications Specialist

Joined in October 2019

Everyone calls me Shomo, and I am a junior at Carver Engineering and Science High School. I joined the Rebel Crew in October 2019. I am the editor and writer behind the blogs and quarterly newsletters.  I like how Rebel is giving me the experience of working in Communications because I believe it will help with my major in Public Relations. I also want to minor in business. During my free time, I enter writing contests and I read. I also like to draw and paint in my free time. I am heavily involved with my school newspaper.


Jordan Mayer

Graphic Designer

Joined in September 2019

I’m Jordan Mayer, a Photographer and Graphic Designer. I am currently a junior at Murrell Dobbins CTE High School for Commercial Arts and Advertising. In 9th grade I challenged myself to get straight A’s for the first time. I stuck to that challenge and have 3.95 GPA to this day. This summer I started working on my brand and started my own Photography and Graphic Design business. Now I balance being a student, working at Rebel and freelancing. Trust me, it’s not as hard as it may seem.


Navaeh Torian

Graphic Designer

Joined in July 2019

I’m Nevaeh a freshman at West Philadelphia High School. I joined Rebel Ventures as a Graphic Designer in June 2019. I’m very interested in Art and Technology. I also love reading and writing books. I really enjoy the kitchen work at Rebel Ventures. The vibes are good and everyone is enjoys themselves while still being very professional. Rebel Ventures is preparing me for my future because I’m learning responsibility, professionalism and how to run  a business, things that I know are very important.


Zykir Taylor

Rebel Market Planner

Joined in May 2019

Multiple things try to stop my success, however, my perseverance trumps all negativity. What I like most about Rebel Ventures is that change is present in more ways than one. In today’s society, there is so much conformity and it’s honestly harming our peers and the other people around us. At Rebel I have learned, that more important than business is having a relationship with the people around you, working in unity. That builds a better business! Perseverance is the key to my success and progress.


Lauren Martinez

Rebel Market Planner

Joined in May 2019

I used to really be interested in photography and considered it my dream job, but after a couple years I began to lose interest. I was already interested in cooking because it is very popular in my culture. As I started getting more into it at Rebel, I realized how much I enjoyed it. I watched tons of cooking videos and bought cookbooks to grow my knowledge and expand my skills. In the kitchen cooking is where you’ll see me at my happiest.


Samaria Blyden

Graphic Designer

Joined in May 2019

I am a rising Junior at High School of the Future, working to become a successful person in life. I learned about Rebel when Jarrett came to my school in my art class to talk about the program. I entered an art contest to create a new poster for Rebel, and I won for Best Poster and now I’m working for Rebel. My goal is to learn from the people around me and to change the way my community thinks. I love cooking and drawing, and I want to be a lot in life. I feel the work I am doing at Rebel will open me up to the things I want to be.


Jaylen Rouse

Graphic Designer

Joined in March 2019

I like to improve as vastly as I can and make sure I’m efficient in what I am doing. I enjoy my time at Rebel. The team is funny and inspiring. The stand we take for healthy deliciousness and the knowledge we have of different ways to make food is amazing. It has even gotten me a bit interested in cooking. I mostly like preparing fruits and vegetables since I love plants and trees. I’m currently working on chasing my dream to become a cartoonist or game developer. Rebel is the best learning experience ever. 


Tiguida Kaba

Social Media Manager

Joined in July 2018

I am a sophomore at CAPA High School, and my responsibilities at Rebel include planning and maintaining our social media accounts and working to complete grant applications to support our different programs and projects. I’ve enjoyed every minute of working at Rebel. It is great to be able to make a change at a young age and do meaningful work that helps me gain valuable skills. It gives me a good feeling to know that I have the power to make a change and create jobs for other high school students.


Kennysha Stanley

Rebel Champs Manager

Joined in July 2018

I am sophmore at Paul Robeson, and I live in West Philadelphia. I learned about Rebel Ventures through Philadelphia Youth Network and began working here in the summer of 2018. At Rebel the energy is positive, and it is a wonderful experience to be a part of. In my time at Rebel, I’ve learned how to do a lot, like how to make our product, Rebel Crumbles, how to properly put knives away, and how to bring drawings/sketches to life. When I graduate from high school, I plan on going to college for Biology or Business.


Shaniya Brown-Wilkes

Sales/Inventory Manager

Joined in July 2017

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Raven Lewis


Joined in April 2020

Hi! I’m Raven :). I major in Media Design and Television at the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts. Rebel Ventures has granted me the opportunity to make my own decisions, be a leader in my community, have my voice heard and get real job experience all at once. It is very refreshing to be able to go to work every day and see people who look like you, are the same age as you and who are also willing to make a change. I am so grateful to be a part of the Rebel Ventures Crew.


Dylan Mckinley 

Social Media Speicalist

Joined in February 2021

My name is Dylan, I’m a rising senior at Creative and Performing Arts High School and I recently joined Rebel back in late February. My interests vary from editing to website building, as well as creating videos for YouTube. For Rebel I do various media projects whether it’s HDAH or Fruit facts, not to mention I work on hosting our Rebel Chefs Live show bi-weekly on Fridays.

Jeanel Charles

Culinarily Specialist

Joined in October 2021

Hi my name is Jean ! I am a Junior at Mastbaum HighSchool. I am quiet, laid-back, chill,  and kinda stay to myself, but I’m very much fun to be around.

Rebel Mentors


Tre’Cia Gibson

Co-Executive Director

Joined in October 2015

I am honored to have been Rebel’s first High School Student Co-Executive Director. What I like most about Rebel is the opportunity it gives to take a step further in life and develop public speaking skills. Currently, I am studying Psychology at Community College of Philadelphia, working to become a social worker. I love listening to people and helping others think through problems they are facing. The work I do communicating with children and empowering them to create healthier lifestyles is preparing me for success.


Joshua Hoang

Media Mentor

Joined in November 2018

Originally from Connecticut, I moved to Philadelphia in 2015 to pursue my love of photography. One of my favorite parts of Rebel Ventures is being able to guide and teach the crew through my experiences as an entrepreneur. After graduating from college, I jumped right into freelancing, which allowed me to develop and hone in my skills as a professional. Working at Rebel has given me the opportunity to not only give back to children and families in Philadelphia, but also help build strong young adults.