Rebel Ventures | The Crew
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The Crew

Young entreprenuers

Tre’Cia Gibson

Co Executive Director

My name is Tre’Cia Gibson, I am a Senior at Parkway West High School and also very dedicated to strive for success. I love going to church on top of working and going to school.

What I like most about Rebel Ventures is its an opportunity to take a step further in life, it also helps me perfect my public speaking because I am always in professional meetings talking about what I do at Rebel. Later on in life I am going to school to be a psychologist because I love talking to people about problems that they are having, which is also going to tie into me being a social worker. Rebel can help me get to one of my destinations because what we do as a business is work with children and that will help me get a step closer to what i would like to do in the future. If I continue to do a wonderful job with communicating with children while working at Rebel I will be on the right journey to succeed. I am honored to be Rebel’s first high school student Co Executive Director.

Jarrett Stein

Co Executive Director

I am from sweet tea, smiles, truth, and hurt.

I am from the grass beneath bare feet. I am from the hospital. Sterile walls, sterile smells, and the drip drip drip of chemo. I am from hope. I am from not knowing any better. I am from love that cannot be described. I am from a place called play. I am from a deliciousness called healthy. I am from a season called now.

Rebel Ventures began with my middle school nutrition class in 2010. Since then, I’ve listened to the young people running Rebel Ventures to support them however I can.

Shaniya Brown-Wilkes


I Am … A Girl That Likes Pizza!

I Wonder If They Gonna Have A New Flavor In 2018 ..
All My Friends Like Different Kinds
I Get Mine From The Pizza Store Around The Corner
When You Do Get It Make Sure It’s Not Greasy
It May Even Be Better If You Share ;D
Never Leave A Friend Out , Sharing Is Caring ..
Ouuull .. Don’t Forget To Try The Buffalo Chicken One !
Yes, I Am The Girl That Likes Pizza.

William Chaney


I am William Chaney and I am from motivation and strife.

I am determined to succeed throughout my lifetime from childhood and up. I plan to win by getting awesome grades in school, along with learn business and entrepreneurship with Rebel Ventures. Motivation pushes others and I to our limits and open new opportunities for the future.

Simin Deveauxbray


My name is Simin. I attend Preparatory Charter High School. I am ambitious and a diligent worker!

I love making people happy and helping others. Rebel Ventures inspire me on a daily to be the best I can be. I created new opportunities for myself since I became apart of Rebel Ventures.

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them. ~Chris Grosser

Kennysha Stanley


Hey! My name is Kennysha Stanley

I am 14-years-old, and I live in West Philadelphia. I am a ninth grader at Paul Robeson. I learned about Rebel Ventures through a PYN worker at my school and began working with Rebel. At Rebel there’s all positive energy — it is a wonderful experience to be apart of. In my little time at Rebel, I’ve learned how to do a lot of things. For example, how to make our product, Rebel Crumbles, how to properly put knives away, and how to bring drawings/sketches to life. When I graduate from high school, I plan on going to college for Biology or Business.

Dayla McMillan


My name is Dayla and I attend Parkway West High School. My favorite thing to do in school is to learn new things that can help me better myself and be with my closest friends.

I started working with Rebel this summer and it has been a wonderful experience and I continue to work with them today. Throughout that experience I was able to make new friends, learn new things and I opened up by sharing my opinion. This experience has also brought some of my skills to the surface. One of my favorite parts of working with Rebel is how we’re all a part of this big family. My colleagues have showed and taught me so many things that I’ll keep with me for a lifetime. My second favorite part about Rebel how we represent youth power. It really inspires me that a group of high school students can have a voice that can be shared and heard. They inspire me to do amazing things in my future.

Jahzaire Sutton


My name is Jahzaire Sutton. I’m 16 years old. I’m from originally North Philly but now I reside in the North East. I attend Commonwealth Charter Academy. Now I will present my poem about who I am…

I am from the definition of poverty
I was in a endangered community for 10 years of my life
Consisting of so much hunger and long lasting strife
Despite the struggle I am still happy to say I’m here
Cause I know people that are in the grave wishing they could breathe this air
I am from a driven innovative mother
Who cares and loves me like no other
I came to this crew to make lend my skills the better
And I know that together we can do anything if we put our minds together

Zaire White


My name is Zaire. I am a junior at ParkWay West High School and a leader at Rebel Ventures.

I take my job very seriously and I am very dedicated to the work. I am proud to say that I am making a change in my community. I am a role model to younger kids. When not at Rebel, I spend my time playing basketball on my school’s varsity team; I’m very dedicated to this as well.