The problems we work to solve Рchildhood obesity and youth unemployment Рare very big and very complicated. Thankfully we do not work alone. All over the world there are incredible individuals and organizations addressing these issues. As we grow in our ability to collaborate, the collective impact of our solutions will grow.

They are not in control. We are.

Rebel partners with folks young and old. They are students, parents, teachers, farmers, chefs, counselors, caterers, principals, administrators, entrepreneurs, professors, web designers, lawyers, nonprofit leaders, journalists, engineers, and gardeners. We welcome visiting volunteers into our kitchen for 3 hours and have worked with many university faculty for over 3 years. In establishing partnerships, we find common ground within our mission, vision, and values. Both partners articulate needs and set expectations for communication and priorities.





The Rebel Kitchen Cabinet

The Rebel Board of Directors

Rebel Ventures was founded as an educational project of the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative, a program of Penn’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships. The Netter Center’s approach of forging mutually beneficial partnerships to foster innovative problem solving is embedded into Rebel’s DNA.