The problems we work to solve – childhood obesity and youth unemployment – are very big and very complicated. We do not work alone. As our collaborations grow, our collective impact grows.


Together we are in control. Together we can create change.


Rebel partners with folks young and old. They are students, parents, teachers, farmers, chefs, counselors, caterers, principals, administrators, entrepreneurs, professors, web designers, lawyers, nonprofit leaders, journalists, engineers, and gardeners. We welcome visiting volunteers into our kitchen for 3 hours and have worked with many folks for years. If you are interested in the possibility of partnering with Rebel Ventures, email us at


Our products are designed for kids and for schools. Rebel Crumbles are served for breakfast in most K-12 cafeterias in Philly. We donate SnackGardens to teachers across the country who want to encourage their students to share fruits and vegetables. Beyond our products, we share resources, technical assistance, and do whatever we can to support students, teachers, principals, cafeteria managers, and staff to work together to create healthier schools. We work directly with the School District of Philadelphia and Nutritional Development Services (Archdiocese of Philadelphia).


Rebel Ventures was incubated and is supported by the University of Pennsylvania’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships. We collaborate with students, faculty, and staff through Academically Based Community Service courses. Working in the Netter Center’s University Assisted Community Schools, we design and evaluate products and projects. Penn undergrad and graduate students work directly with the crew as mentors.

Penn class partnerships:

  • Psychology of Food (Paul Rozin)
  • Politics of Food (Mary Summers)
  • Healthy Schools (Mary Summers)
  • Obesity and Society (Tanja Kral)
  • Wharton 101 (Anne Greenhalgh)
  • Design Practicum (David Comberg)
  • Ethnography and Media for Social Justice (Jessa Lingel)
  • Penn Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic (Praveen Kosuri)
  • Rebel Ventures Independent Study (Ian Macmillan)

Rebel Ventures also partners with Drexel Nutrition Education, the Drexel Food Lab, Monell Chemical Senses Center, and the Temple University-Community Collaborative.


As entrepreneurs running a nonprofit food business, we seek to learn from and leverage the experience of professionals across industries. We partner with Michel’s Bakery to manufacture Rebel Crumbles MESH Design and Development to create beautiful packaging. Rebel Crumbles are sold by Mariposa Food Co-op and Brown’s Shoprite of Parkside. Other industry partners include Bicycle Creative, Dechert, Lippe Taylor, High Street Hospitality, Performance Food Group, Preferred Meals, Bon Appetit Management Company, FMC, Wawa, Heathland Hospitality, and Bimbo.


We are proud to partner with other nonprofits to strengthen our organizations and impact. We collaborate with The Common Market, The Urban League of Philadelphia, the Hunger Coalition of Philadelphia, The Food Trust, The Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders, WHYY Media Lab, and many others. We also collaborate with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Department of Commerce, and Mayor’s Office of Education.


We love working with volunteers and welcome visitors and guests to participate in and support our work. We learn from chefs, teachers, website designers, doctors, artists, accountants, social workers, parents, grandparents, and kids.