Tasting Team

We designed the Tasting  Team project to expose kids in schools to new vegetables and fruits in the most impactful way possible. This means youth role models lead the tasting, the tasting is experiential and multi-sensory, and implementation is efficient and leverages resources already available in most schools.



The Tasting Team is a youth led activity, and just needs an adult (or trained student supervisor) to oversee the prep, implementation, and cleanup. The youth on the Tasting Team are role models for their peers. They work in pairs and visit classrooms and/or the cafeteria to run the Tasting experience. One pair can implement a classroom Tasting for 30 kids in about 15 minutes from start to finish. Three pairs can implement a cafeteria Tasting for 100+ kids in about 15 minutes from start to finish.




The Tasting Team (supervisor + youth leaders) gathers in a prep area and wash their hands. Youth divide into pairs and pick roles- the Server or the Sanitizer. The Server holds the SnackGarden (with the food being tasted) and the Tasting Team Game Cards. The Sanitizer holds the hand sanitizer, the Veggie Tasting Cards, and the #healthydeliciousness stickers. With the roles decided and all the supplies in hand, the Tasting Team travels to the cafeteria or to classrooms, depending on where the tasting is taking place.



Once at the Tasting location, the supervisor sets up a ‘reload’ station in case the Server/Sanitizer runs out of food or cards. To implement the Tasting, the sanitizer first asks which kids want to participate. Anyone who wants to gets hand sanitizer, a Veggie Tasting Card, and a sticker. Then the Server goes around and let’s the kids who want to pick the vegetable/fruit off the SnackGarden and gives each kid a Tasting Team Game Card.



The kids use the information on the Veggie Tasting Card to fill out the Tasting Team Game Card. The Server and Sanitizer walk around to see if any kids need help, or if anyone wants another taste. At the end of the activity, the kids keep their Veggie Tasting Card and hand-in their Tasting Team Game Card.