Spice Explorers

We designed the Spice Explorers project to expose kids to different types of spices (and different kinds of beans), get kids experimenting with different spice combinations, and foster radical creativity and play while creating healthy deliciousness.



Spice Explorers is an activity led by an adult or trained student leader. It is designed for a classroom during the day or after-school. The number of kids participating is only limited by supplies and space. Gather kids in groups of 5-6 to share a pair of SnackGardens.




The leader sets up the supplies. Kids sit down, and the leader passes out a spice card, pencil, bowl, and spoon to each kid. A SnackGarden with beans is placed in front of a group of up to 6 kids. The leader places an empty SnackGarden in front of each group. Then the leader spoons a different spice into each section of the empty SnackGardens. As the leader spoons the spices, the kids write down the placement of each spice on their Spice Explorer game card. Everyone gets hand sanitizer.




The leader demonstrates how to place spices from the SnackGarden into the bowl, and then how to spear a bean and dip it into a spice to taste. Then the leader demonstrates how to create spice blends (painting with spices) by mixing the spices together with the spoon. Kids can taste each spice on its own first or go straight away to painting with spices.



Kids can taste their spice blends with beans and/or on its own by spooning some onto their hand. They can add more of any spice from the SnackGarden into their mix. They can share their spice blends and taste their peers’.



After 5-10 minutes of tasting, each kid can put any extra spice they have left into a ziplock sandwich bag to take home. They can write the names of the spices in the blend on a printer label sticker and stick it on the bag.



Kids finish the activity by filling out the rest of their Spice Explorer game card.