Healthy Deliciousness

Rebel Ventures creates HEALTHY DELICIOUSNESS with kids in schools and in our community. This means that kids (and adults) not only eat tasty and nutritious foods in schools, they directly participate in building a healthy school environment. The best way to learn about a problem is to try to solve it, and we support kids as they create healthier schools.

The projects featured on our website are designed to work in any school across the country. If you’re a teacher, administrator, parent, student or anyone else interested in starting a project in a school you’re connected to, EMAIL US: We can set up a time to talk in more detail so you can best learn from and avoid the many mistakes we’ve made. Then you can make your own unique mistakes and create some healthy deliciousness! If you’re interested, we also want to share some Rebel Crumbles and SnackGardens with you for your school.

In collaboration with the Netter Center for Community Partnerships, we continuously develop educational projects that educators implement. Our goal for this website is to provide frameworks for projects (designed, tested, and refined directly with kids in schools) that will inspire other schools to engage in real-world problem-solving through creating healthier environments.

Our projects share these characteristics: