Rebel Products

O U R   P R O D U C T S

Our values guide our product development process. We listen to kids and adults in our community to identify spaces where we can create healthy deliciousness. We celebrate radical creativity and urgently seek out solutions that have never been tried before. Failure is just an opportunity to learn- we celebrate our failures.We are loyal to our customers and are committed to sharing how our products are made and why they exist. All our products give our customers the opportunity to be the best versions of themselves. We build sustainable relationships with our customers and partners by working beside them in schools creating healthy deliciousness together.

The Rebel Bar


The Rebel Bar is a simple, whole grain granola bar that is a great snack or breakfast option. Many people have been involved in perfecting the recipe, and overtime we’ve refined our process many times. It started as a class project at Pepper Middle School, where 7th and 8th grade students worked together to design a healthy food product to sell at the school store. Over the past four years high- school students and Penn students have refined the recipe, creating the Rebel Bar that is available for purchase today.

Our current Rebel Bars is called the CranChocoPuff. It contains organic dried cranberries, organic oats, organic puffed brown rice, US grown pumpkin seeds, PA honey, US salt, organic cinnamon, organic flax meal, organic hemp hearts, and organic chia seeds.


ReBel Seeds

rebel seeds

 ReBel seeds are a great snack option, much like our ReBel bars. They are roasted sunflower seeds glazed with honey and coated with an Ethiopian spice blend called berbere. The berbere seasoning gives our seeds a fiery blast of flavor, while the honey  leaves them with just a touch of sweetness. Our seed project started with the need to introduce a new and innovative ReBel product. Through our research and trial-and-error testing, we have worked hard to create a taste that is exotic, yet savory and satisfying. We succeeded and our berbere seeds are here–better than we could have imagined and available for purchase at Mariposa and University City Mini Market.


ReBel Icy Colors

icy colors

Summer’s finally here and we know it’s getting warm, so why not cool off with a tasty treat? Rebel Ventures is now offering frozen fruit!

The Rebel team has worked hard to come up with a new summer snack that’s healthy but sweet, refreshing and incredibly delicious. We started thinking outside the box, and what we found was simple and reached every expectation of our ideal new product. Frozen fruit! The simplicity of frozen fruit astonished us, but we found exactly what we were looking for: healthy, sweet, refreshing and incredibly delicious. Our ReBel Icy Colors are now available for elementary schools throughout Philadelphia. Add Icy Colors to smoothies or parfaits.