H I G H  S C H O O L  C R E W


My name is Fleshae. I attend Parkway West High School and I am an honor roll student. The part I like most about Rebel is how we can make our community healthy and better others. In the future I plan to own my own daycare or become an RN. I like kids, I love to entertain them, and see smiles on their faces. I’d also like to become an RN because I like to help others out when they’re down and out. Rebel Ventures can help me in many ways. Rebel shows you the pros and cons of running your own business. Rebel also gives me advice and encourages me to never give up in what I believe in.

My name is Zanayja and I attend The Academy at Palumbo, my favorite thing to do in school is to learn and feed my brain with knowledge, this is my favorite thing to do because whenever I learn something new I’m really amazed and treat every piece of new information that I learn like gold and I also share what I have learned with others. In my free time I love cooking and the reason I love to do this in any free time I might have is because it’s basically like an art but for your tastebud! you can make the same thing everyday and have it taste different with just by using different seasonings,spices, herbs and etc. I believe that cooking really brings out the creative side in me that why I love it so much.


My name is Zaire White I’m 16 years old and I attend Parkway West High School


My name is Tre’Cia Gibson, i am 17 years old i attend parkway west high school and also very serious about my grades so i can strive for success. what i like to do in life is babysit kids because i love kids. I like to hang with my family and friends . I love going to church i am there 3 times a week on top of working and going to school. What i like most about Rebel Ventures is its an opportunity to take a step further in life, it also helps me have more communication skills because we are always pitching about our company. later on n life i want to be a psychologist because i love talking to people about problems that they are having, i also want to work with children. Rebel can help me get to one of my destinations because what we do as a business is work with children and later in life i want to work with children. If i communicate with kids that i work with at my job then it would take me a step closer.


I am from pain, tears and cheerful days. I am from cold hallways and bright lights, painful needles and not so good food. I am from The Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia. I am from good people, energy and most importantly love. I am happy.

My name is Jade Dawson. I am 17 years old and I’m currently a senior at William L. Sayre in West Philadelphia. I learned about Rebel Ventures through a program called the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative. I’ve been working with Rebel Ventures for a couple of months now and I am loving my experience here so far. After I graduate high school I will be attending college to major in neuroscience.


My name is A’Nya Pollard. I am 16 years old and I live in Southwest Philadelphia. I am an 11th grader at John Bartram High School. I learned about Rebel Ventures through the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative and began working with Rebel in the summer of 2015. I also went to George Wharton Pepper Middle School, where I first heard about Rebel bars because that’s where they originated. I like to make Rebel bars because they are a healthy choice for the youth to have instead of junk food . When I graduate I plan on going to college for sociology and think about becoming a lawyer.

My name is Jahzaire Sutton. I am from originally North Philly but now I reside in the North East. I attend to Science Leadership Academy @Beeber.  Now I will present my poem about who I am.

I am from the definition of poverty

I was in a endangered community for 10 years of my life

Consisting of so much hunger and long lasting strife

Despite the struggle I am still happy to say I’m here

Cause I know people that are in the grave wishing they could breathe this air

I am from a driven innovative mother

Who cares and loves me like no other

I came to this crew to make lend my skills the better

And I know that together we can do anything if we put our minds together



I am from a the city of brotherly love, where the only love you’ll find is the love you seek and probably buy a cheesesteak when you want something to eat. My name is Corinthe Hamilton I am 18 years old and very passionate about my work. I’m family oriented, love spending time with my family and learning.

I live in southwest Philadelphia and attend William L. Sayre High School. I started working with the Rebel crew about a month ago and I can already say I’m excited about my employment. I have fascinating co-workers who are always coming up with ideas to make things better. I enjoy making Rebel bars with my peers but most of all I enjoy doing a positive thing for the community. But in my spare time I like to go out with friends, involve myself in sports, and do right because I would never want anyone to see me doing wrong.

jarrett-basketballI am from sweet tea, smiles, truth, and hurt. I am from the grass beneath bare feet. I am from the hospital. Sterile walls, sterile smells, and the drip drip drip of chemo. I am from hope. I am from not knowing any better. I am from love that cannot be described. I am from a place called play. I am from a deliciousness called healthy. I am from a season called now.

My name is Jarrett Stein, and I coordinate academic partnerships for the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative (AUNI). In 2010 when I was a nutrition teacher at Pepper Middle School, a group of my students decided to create a healthy snack business for a project focused on designing a healthier school. After Pepper closed and middle schoolers became high schoolers, this project grew into the Rebel Ventures social enterprise. What I like most about working with Rebel Ventures is engaging high school students and their mentors in the process of new product development. In my free time I like to try interesting ethnic restaurants around Philly.


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