Rebel Half Time

Rebel Half Time This Summer!

We have less than two weeks left, and we wanted to check in to see what types of problems have we been attacking. This includes things such as the exploitation of children’s health, being role models and promoting healthy behaviors for children.

Success requires attentiveness and focus. We take our work very seriously to acknowledge and do something about the problems that we see carrying on in our community. Our set goals are to increase access to healthy ,delicious foods to kids in our community, foster healthy cultures in schools in our community and to help the development of high school students through entrepreneurial work.  We have too much to focus on, so slacking is not a option. To help find solutions to these problems we have crew meetings to update with each other to see what we can work on and improve.


Here are some of our colleagues promoting, taste tasting and networking with the community. We care about the consumers of our product (Rebel Crumbles) and to show that we are more than willing to have conversations with them. Their perspective matters to Rebel. With taking in their opinion we could further help exploit the lack of malnutrition in our communities.


This is Tiguida cutting limes & apples encouraging different fruit combinations to eat. We know that kids aren’t exactly motivated to try out foods that are healthy for them so we prepare taste testing videos with delicious fruit to encourage kids to try them. More importantly, we’re honest with our taste testing because honesty can be very influential to motivating people to do things such as wanting to try different fruits and vegetables.

Here are some of our colleagues taking pictures with kids from Comegys. When were cooking with kids our main goal is to make sure they learn something out of that experience and to have fun. By this smile I think that we are doing good!


Although we take our job very seriously, we have a balance that we call professional play so here are some fun/funny photos of our staff so far this summer:


We can’t wait to see what else we will do and how it will affect others with these last two weeks coming our way!