Rebel Highlights of 2017 !

Crumbles first launch!

Snack Gardens being packaged and shipped out. They were being donated to schools for kids who wanted to use them.

Hype festival of 2017; promoting the youth organization Hype at the YMCA.

We attended B.B Comegys fun day, while we were there we promoted our crumbles and have loads of fun with the kids.

New rebels arrived for the summer. we’ve had a lot of fun , and learned many things. Being involved with Rebel was a humbling experience.

During the summer we’ve got published in the Inquirer newspaper.  It shared what Rebel cause is and the differences between us and corner stores. It shows that we care about the youth and community. It also help promote Rebel Ventures.

This day was when Lintons came into our kitchen to examine crumbles . Lintons is a charter school food business distributor.

This was one of the biggest milestones of 2017, the shoprite launch. we Rebel went to the Shoprite on 52nd street to introduce crumbles to customers. We would like to thank everyone who came out to support us!

Our final milestone of Rebel during 2017 was when we attended the NESAWG conference in Baltimore. We promoted crumbles, met bunch of people with different ideas and mindsets, I am very happy I met those amazing people.