Summer 2017 at Rebel Ventures!

This summer at Rebel Ventures has been filled with exciting new adventures and great memories. As a team we worked together for six weeks this summer at the kitchen creating new Crumbles recipes, writing resumes, and cooking together!

Here’s our summer summed up in pictures, enjoy!

Here’s our summer crew at Penn’s campus.

Here are two of our high school students, Tre’Cia and Zaire. This was at the very beginning of summer, where they taste tested crumbles at a library.


Days at Penn

This was the first day of summer work for us! We met outside of Van Pelt and played name learning games to get to know our summer team. Team building is very important to us at Rebel Ventures–teamwork is key to a successful business.

Here is another one of our team building games–we split up into groups to try to make the largest marshmallow and pasta tower! It was so fun.

After all the fun though we got straight into work. Here is Simin, one of our high school students, working on her resume and her personal statement. Every single one of our students has come out of this summer program with a professional and completed resume!


CCE–The Kitchen

This picture was taken at CCE–this is where we work every Tuesday to test new crumbles recipes and cook crew meals and healthy snack of the week. A few times this summer, we were honored to have guests come and cook with us–this week we had visitors from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. We’re cute.

Here is another picture of our students meeting with visitors from the Archdiocese.

Here you can see mentors working on cooking the new recipes for our Rebel Crumbles. Every week we strive to perfect our recipe!

Here is Shaniya finishing off our crumbles mix.

Johnel is taking the crumbles to the oven to be baked! We’re always excited to taste our new batches of crumbles straight from the oven.

As mentioned before, we work on healthy snack of the week. Here are Zanayja and Jahzaire working on strawberry kabobs. Every week we strive to create healthy deliciousness.

Here they are completed!

And another healthy snack of the week–smoothie pops! They were delicious, but not as good as the granola cups we made.

Here is S’yhirah, amazed by the healthy snack of the week–granola fruit cups.

Every week our crew also works to make a crew meal after we’re done with making our crumbles and healthy snacks of the week. We traded Rebel Crumbles with Bartrams Garden for heaps of fresh veggies to us every week. We loved making bean dips, the first one we made was better than the second.


The Rebel Roadshow–Gesu and Mitchell

This summer we came up with the Rebel Roadshow, where we introduced entrepreneurship to elementary aged kids. We taught kids about how to pitch and develop a product and manage their own business. Some of the kids’ ideas were great! We loved inspiring kids to think outside the box.


Here’s our crew at the Gesu school–S’yhirah is leading the Roadshow this time, by introducing the Rebel Crew, our mission, as well as the group activity.

Of course we started out the day by playing our favorite ice breaker game, the Biggest Fan, our version of rock paper scissors. All of the kids got so so excited after playing the game, and so did we!

Here are a couple of our teams presenting and pitching their ideas. Some of our favorite ideas were magic shoes that helped kids dance, and the Veggielicious Smoothie.

Here are two of our students, Malia and Jahzaire, pitching ideas from another Rebel Roadshow at Mitchell Elementary. Even through the kids were nervous, our high school students were able to show them how to do a great pitch.


Mentorship, Taste Testing, and Spice Explorers

We taste test to get feedback from as many people as possible, but especially from students.

Here we have Nakya and Yahdira taste testing with students at Hamilton. We ask kids to fill out forms about each of the flavors of the crumbles we make at the kitchen every week.

After we collect data from students, we have to log all of the data so that we can improve our recipes for the next time we’re in the kitchen.

“My first time doing data analysis was amazing ! It was such a fun experience, and I really enjoyed it,”-S’yhirah

Here’s Jarrett Stein, talking to kids at Gesu, while crew members are preparing crumbles for taste testing.

Here is one of our mentors, Mark, working with kids at Mitchell Elementary to cook healthy deliciousness with them.

Here, Malia is doing spice explorers with students. Chick peas are dipped into different spices so the children can try different tastes!


Making Headlines

In preparation for our big Shoprite Launch, one of our high school students, Zaire, emailed the Philadelphia Inquirer for a feature–which we got! We were on the second page of a Sunday paper!!


Newsworks also published a piece on Rebel Crumbles as well! We made so many headlines this summer!!



Here we are at the start of our Shoprite launch date! We were so so excited to have the chance to sell Crumbles for a day at Shoprite with the hopes of showing the store we belong to be placed permanently on the shelves.

Here we are preparing for the Shoprite Launch–we needed to prepare a Dump In to place our Crumbles in. “I was in charge of decorating the dump in for the launch. We started out with a plain white box, and transformed it into a red box with our logo on it. I made sure to put a lot of effort into this box, because one day this box might hold our Crumbles themselves at a Shoprite.”-Sabrina

Many customers came to either of our two tables, where we were selling and taste testing crumbles.

Here’s our crew at the other table at the back of the store. We loved being able to tell more Philly residents about the Crumbles.

Here’s our crew at the end of a very successful day! We had successfully sold out all of the crumbles we brought with us.


Here’s to a great summer and thanks for sharing with us!!